Monday, February 11, 2013

Jesse's Girl Nail Polishes

Hello all,

So, after seeing a post by Wonderland Wardrobe about a Jesse's Girl nail polish she was gushing over I had to try them for myself. I ordered two different shades from their website since they are not sold anywhere in my area that I have seen. One is a high intensity nail color called Midori and the other is from their limited edition JulieG collection called Birthday Suit. 

I was most excited for Midori.. It is a beautiful color in the bottle and on your nails it is intense. However, when I actually put it on my nails the color was distorted the way a balloon would be,   which is not really what I pictured it looking like...I am seriously hoping anyone reading this understands what I mean about the balloon. I do like the color a lot though. It just isn't as opaque as I was hoping for.

Birthday Suit is a pretty baby pink, which I am wearing tonight. I have to wear gloves at work so my nails tend to chip pretty badly as a result but so far so good.

Overall, I really love these and I definitely want to try more from the company.

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