Saturday, February 16, 2013

Book Collectors Tag

Hello All,

So I decided to do a tag since they are one of my favorite type of videos to watch and I am just not up for making videos just yet. One day I would like to but that is far in the future. Carrying on, I saw this tag on Bookables channel and I wanted to do it immediately. Here we go...
Part of my bookshelf

Q 1: How many books do you own?
        A: I have 115 books on my shelf and 39 on my nook right now.

Q 2: How long has it taken you to accumulate your collection?

       A: I was around 17 or 18 when I first started to buy a lot of books. I started working and actually had money of my own. As far as my nook I have had it since September so I have been buying a lot of books on there as well. 

Q 3: How often do you buy books?

       A: I probably buy at least one book every two weeks when I get paid. I really should take a break and try to finish the ones I haven't read yet but it's so hard.

Q 4: How do you arrange your books?

       A: I always arrange my books alphabetically by author. I just think it makes things neater and easier to find.

Q 5: What is the first book you remember buying?

     A: I have no idea but the one that keeps coming to mind is The Wanderer which I bought at a book fair when I was in elementary school. 

Q 6: What was the last book you purchased?

     A: The last book I bought was Beautiful Chaos I think. I know the last book I bought on my nook was The Peculiars

Q 7: What is the longest book you own?

    A: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at 870 pages

Q 8: What is the shortest book you own?

    A: Aquamarine at 104 pages. 

Alright, so hopefully you guys enjoyed that and maybe learned a bit more about me. Also, this is completely unrelated but it is snowing at my house and I am so excited.

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