Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blackheart Beauty Review

About two weeks ago, I went to the mall with my friend. We went to Hot Topic and while checking out I picked up the perfume (that purple bottle) from the counter. The girl at the checkout pointed out that they were having a three for two sale on Blackheart cosmetics. I picked up the nail polish and she suggested the eyeshadow primer. 

In the bottle, the perfume smells pretty good. However, when I actually put it on I was not very jazzed about the smell. I had to go wash it off actually. I can't really think of anything that this smells like to compare it to. I am a little disappointed, but I only paid $5 for it so I'm not too put out.
This nail polish is great. It's very bright and lasts quite a while on your nails. I did put a clear coat over it because it applies a little flat looking and the clear coat helps it shine. I really love the packaging of it as well.

This eye primer though is probably the best impulse buy I've ever made. The lady at the checkout suggested it and said that she started using it instead of her Mac primer. I've never tried another eye primer so I wouldn't be able to speak for that. However, since I've been using it I have noticed that my eyeshadow just looks brighter going on over this. I absolutely love it and I definitely want to get more of it. 

Overall, I really want to try more from the company. You can check out their website here. Have you guys ever tried their products?


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